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The Fragrance of Nations (part two)

Part one of this post discusses my uncommon experiences with fragrances or “seeing with the nose,” and also how the sense of smell can remain active during dreams and help us to discern our spiritual environments. Scripture supports this because the Apostle John, a seer, exercised all his senses during his open visions and revelations of Jesus (he smelled the incense in Revelation 5:8, 8:4).

Additionally, I shared my dream about fragrances:  I could not decide which to choose, so I bought samples of every fragrance from a perfumer and each sample was from a different nation. The entire set cost $120. Later, in the same dream, l was surprised that a woman sitting right beside me could not smell the fragrance I was wearing.

First, I will continue with a brief discussion about what dreams and the nations mean to me, then interpret the dream using symbols and similitudes, and finally share how this dream relates to all Believers in Christ.

A Juan in a Million Dreamers

When God granted my request for spiritual dreams, my walk became really exciting and complicated. Moreover, there were real lessons to be learned besides how to interpret dreams.

Although I diligently searched dream and Bible dictionaries, listened to teachings, connected with very helpful mentoring, and like a sponge absorbed all I could, the process became too “scripted” and many interpretations lacked the inner witness of the Spirit. On the inside I knew something (Someone) was missing. Thankfully, God intervened.

Suddenly the supernatural God invaded my world and took charge; He gained my full attention. Everything shifted. He became my Mentor, taught me His language through Scriptures, the Parables, similitudes, and teaching dreams. I watched Him perform miracles. I learned to discern His Voice, His Fragrance, His signs, and He truly became my Resource and Friend.

Key takeaways: Never underestimate the “inner witness” of the Holy Spirit. And definitely expect God to test your obedience in unusual ways.

In fact, God will always pour out His Spirit wherever He finds a captive audience, even if it’s an audience of one (remember young Samuel?). He wants to be our first and our last Resource, and He requires our obedience.

Why not trust God and become that attentive Juan-in-a million? You will not find a better Teacher and He brings gifts as unique as our DNA and thumbprints.

To receive more dreams and more encounters with God: Be diligent. Be attentive. Be obedient.

The Nations! The Nations!

Seeing dreams about nations seemed like a natural progression in life. By the age of four while living in London, (but born in the Caribbean) my two best friends were from Australia and India. Together, we covered four countries and four different continents!

Another friend from Finland invited me to church to learn about Jesus, and I later exchanged letters for years with other teenage pen friends in Africa, the Far East and Europe. 

Granted, I never know when or where the Holy Spirit will take me, and without an airline ticket, passport, or visa. For example, during the past three weeks, without prior knowledge of (or interest in) the locations, I “met” some super nice people in the Derbyshire Dales and Brighton UK (my guess is that they are Intercessors).

Assuredly, my strongest connection to the nations is discerning God’s heart for the persecuted and suffering saints around the world. He brings (infrequently) a burden of intercession with tears for complete strangers! This next verse validates the myrrh with frankincense encounters.

Your royal robes release the scent of suffering [myrrh] love for your bride; the odor of aromatic incense is upon you. (Psalms 45:8, TPT)

I have shared all of this chiefly to say, dreams give insight into your destiny… and your destinations. But certain symbols will have deeper meaning only to you, and which only the Holy Spirit can interpret for you.

Dream Interpretation by Symbols

Now if we interpret the dream by the symbols:  

The Perfumer is the Lord because He often appears in spiritual dreams.

The Fragrances are the “intercession” God has granted me for different nations (including His persecuted Bride). 

Paying $120 means sacrificing my flesh, to begin life in the Spirit (Genesis 6:3, Acts 1:15).

The woman represents the spirit of this world which cannot discern the Fragrance of His Knowledge (2 Corinthians 2:14).

Interpretation: To intercede for nations, I must be willing to make the sacrifice to walk in the Spirit. I will intercede for many until I discern which nations I have been called to, because the world does not know and cannot discern the Lord.

Dream Interpretation by Similitudes

Question: Why did the Perfumer offer me samples of all nations for $120 instead of choosing one or two for me?

Have you watched the movie or read the book The Shack? When Sophia, the Spirit of Wisdom, asked Mackenzie to choose one of his children that he would be willing to sacrifice, he replied, That’s impossible!

Similarly, as seen in the Parable about the Kingdom of Heaven, the Man secretly re-buried the treasure He found in the field, then bought the whole field (Matthew 13:44). The field represents the world, redeemed with the Blood of Jesus. The treasure trove represents the nations (the souls) in the world who will accept Jesus. Whoever owns the field where treasure is found automatically becomes the Owner of the treasure.

The nations are groups of people (not countries) and God the Father does not choose one above another. Because He loves all, equally, the Perfumer could not choose one nation for me, He gave me all. Likewise, Jesus came to offer salvation to every nation in the world. (John 3:16)

These are examples of similitudes. We will often find these “similarities” between our lives, our dreams, and the Scriptures.

The House of the Perfumer

In the earthly Tabernacle, the Levitical priests (family of Levi) tended to the duties in the Tabernacle, but only the High Priest could enter the Holy of Holies. Offerings were received. Animals were sacrificed to atone for the sins of the people. The air was saturated with the smell of burning animal flesh and grains, fresh bread, and incense which had to be specifically measured and mixed to please God’s nostrils. Lamps were trimmed, and the oil replenished to keep them burning. Obviously, the Tabernacle was a busy and fragrant place.

In Heaven’s Tabernacle, Melchizedek, priest of God whose Order is higher than Levi’s, receives offerings. And Jesus Our High Priest offered Himself as sacrifice for us. He placed His own Blood on the Mercy Seat once and for all, then sat down. By this, Jesus opened the way for every Believer to enter the Holy of Holies through His Blood (Hebrews 7:1-17, 10:10-21).

The Service of the Royal Priesthood

Every Believer is part of a Royal Priesthood, called to minister before the Lord, offering spiritual sacrifices through Jesus (2 Peter 2: 5-9).

If we are only ministering to people, then we may be overlooking our service in the Tabernacle. Our primary ministry should always be unto God.

Even them I will bring to My holy mountain, And make them joyful in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices Will be accepted on My altar; For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations. (Isaiah 56:7)

According to Revelations 8:1-4, all of Heaven was reverentially silenced for thirty minutes before an angel offered a censer with all the prayers of the saints before God; it was fragrant and pleasing.

Whatever we desire to offer to God must first come from Him in order to be pleasing to Him.

Offerings from others source are like “strange fire,” unacceptable and malodorous (Leviticus 10: 1-3). Consequently, whether we offer Worship, Intercession, Love, Faith, Forgiveness, the Tithe, all must originate from Him. Even Jesus only offered ministry that He saw the Father doing.

So then, in the Heavenly Tabernacle some of my pleasing offerings are the Fragrances (intercession) I received from the Perfumer. My dream destinations and encounters identify the source nations (towns, individuals, universities, politicians etc.).

Question: How can you identify your pleasing service and offerings to the Lord?

Every believer has a unique ministry unto the Lord (not usually your hobby) and your dreams will reveal exactly what God desires most from you. (Solomon offered an exceptional offering and prayed for wisdom because God had first instructed him in a dream, 1 Kings 3:9-11).

The Fragrance of Suffering

I believe the woman in the dream represents the spirit of the world which cannot discern spiritual things. This world requires more of our time, our attention, our clicks, our compliance, our productivity, and it offers little of spiritual or eternal value.

Is it any wonder that Jesus would tell His disciples, come away by yourselves and rest? (Mark 6:31) We too must periodically disconnect and unplug to avoid becoming a worldly distracted Bride.

Disruptions will come. Unexpected pain, a tragedy or loss demand answers to difficult questions. God, why would you let this happen?  

Yet, there is something about brokenness and penitence (from a surrendered heart) that releases a very precious aroma to God. He cannot resist a broken spirit or contrite heart. When we cry, He suffers too. He bottles our tears! (Psalms 51:17; 56:8)

So, He often warns us when we are running headlong into heartbreak or disaster through – a dream or vision in the night, an audible voice, or even – an unusual fragrance, to help us break free.

We can be grateful for God’s interruptions. Why not take a second whiff, or turn aside to inspect the burning bush, or respond to that tugging inner voice?

One Final Word

Is it any coincidence that in the year of vision (2020), during the pandemic, that so many peoples and nations lost their ability to “see with the nose”? In parabolic language, a stuffy nose or loss of smell means discernment is hindered.

Declaration Prayer: May the Lord restore health and discernment to the Nations, and spread the sweet Fragrance of His Knowledge in every place! Amen.


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Prophetic Dream: From Toilet to Tower

This dream, journaled seven years ago, recently recaptured my attention because it speaks wisdom for these times. At the end of this post, I extend an invitation to those who are curious or motivated to look deeper.

Remove the Old Toilet!

The town and its manicured green spaces looked postcard perfect from the apartment that I shared with some family members. Our sky unit, housed in one of three towers, had floor-to-ceiling clear glass windows and doors on every side, as well as a wrap around balcony.

This was no ordinary high-rise because the lone access to the ground level was through a doorway to the balcony. There was no staircase or safety railing, only an overhead handle (for the left hand) suspended in mid air. The handle was the entire elevator, and it accommodated only one person at a time. My Brother rode it down first. When my turn came, the height was initially overwhelming. However, the handle felt totally secure and my feet touched down in no time.

Scene 2: We were at a retail store in town in what seemed to be a depressed inner-city area. The spacious store had huge glass windows, overhead lighting, and was vacant. Some people arrived and took a keen interest in the space, but my Brother said He already had plans for it, and would begin with some renovations. Suddenly, a couple of policemen arrived and carried out an old toilet. (End)

Disclosure: This dream is not about me; I am a participant in a “family” of Believers, and the Lord sometimes appears in my dreams as my Brother. I have never lived in a high-rise; the location is unknown.

Analysis and Tips

An apartment is usually a place of transition, and the tower location means being “positioned to see” visions, dreams and to receive revelation (Ephesians 2:6). The more elevated or the more floors there are, the more heavenly the perspective.

There were 3 towers. The number three means the Perfect Witness (Divine confirmation), but it can also symbolize time or collaboration (Genesis 40:18, Ecclesiastes 4:12). You may download free tables with numbers and colors in English and Spanish at

Seeing through a glass or open window (or door) is often seeing a vision-inside-the-dream. These kinds of visions help us to interpret the dream because God expresses Himself very clearly in visions (no interpretation is needed). On the other hand, dreams are parabolic and must be interpreted (Numbers 12:6).

No railing at the balcony means: Stay in God’s timing and protection, because walking in presumption (blindfolded) could be dangerous.

Now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling… (Jude 24).

Worship (reaching overhead) activates the supernatural “elevator.” (Also, anything gas fueled, electric or battery powered in a dream, moves with spiritual power).

In context for this dream, left is what we need faith to accomplish; right is what we can do through our gifts and talents.

The Handle may represent God’s Right Hand as He securely holds our left hand: His strength perfected in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9, Psalm 18:35). So, God invites us to partner with Him (hand to Hand) by faith.

A change of scenes in a spiritual dream means some unknown amount of time will elapse. In Acts 1:7, [Jesus] said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority.” Therefore, we cannot know the future unless God speaks a specific date, for example 1972, or He enables us to discern time from numbers, distance, or Scripture.

The brighter the ambient light, the clearer the vision and the purer the spiritual atmosphere (as at the tower). But even the tiniest of lights will shine brightly in a dark place. God is Light (1John1:5).

Others came to the retail space because the Holy Spirit will draw those He has given similar “visions” to work with Him.

Was the retail space in disuse and disrepair because a previous opportunity “went down the toilet?”

In dreams, bathroom fixtures are associated with cleansing, repentance or deliverance from spiritual toxins.

Why remove the old toilet? If the vision (view from the tower) decodes the dream, then the reason must be the view.”

Where we “sit” influences what we “see.” Porcelain thrones (toilets) focus on repentance through learned routines and rules. So, the two policemen angels (law-men), removed our “religious” focus.

In contrast, true transformation requires a new location and perspective: the Tower (Heaven).

Firstly, because this is where we are “seated” in Jesus Christ and grow to understand the absolute goodness of God, forgiveness of sins through faith in Jesus, and the assurance of Peace through His Blood (Ephesians 2:6, Romans 5:1, Colossians 1:20).

Secondly, if Jesus did only what He “saw” the Father doing, shouldn’t we do the same? (John 5:19)

So then, the blueprints for God-approved work “on the ground” must originate from the Tower and be executed by the Lord Himself!

However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth… and He will tell you things to come. (John 16:13)

Dream Interpretation

God has plans “in store” to shift our focus from religious routines to revelations (dreams, visions and the supernatural) to bring transformation. Thus, He is drawing seer worshippers in His Family, who He has equipped with His visions for marketplaces (or local communities or governments), to partner with Him by faith and to follow His directions.

An Invitation

There’s much more. Can you discern other hidden pearls and metaphors in this dream? If you can, or if you have seen similar dreams and visions, (or are just curious) I would love to hear from you! (Please use Contact in the top menu).

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. (Ephesians 2:10)

Let’s “join hands with His” in what He is doing. Amen!

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The Shepherd’s Fold

I AM the Good Shepherd. There are many in My Fold. You are My Beloved. I call you by Name as I lead you in and out. Hear My Voice and follow Me for I watch over you and care for you. Is there anything you lack for life and for godliness? Do not forage like wild goats which sample everything they see. Instead, Come to Me and rest. Wait for Me to feed you revelations of My Love and from My Kingdom. Meditate and ruminate on all My Words, for they are Spirit and give Life. Though I speak through Prophecy, Parables and Dreams, I give to you the Spirit of Wisdom and the Spirit of Understanding. For You, Dear Ones, have been chosen to comprehend mysteries from God.

O Lord, distractions make it difficult for me to hear Your Voice. Like rushing brooks, they dazzle and captivate for a season but they eventually run dry. You hear my thoughts and sense my disquiet from afar, even before I can utter a word! Please lead me to Your Peace where I can drink deeply of Your Presence once again. There, Joy is restored, my strength is renewed and I am satisfied.

Beloved, when you stray or wander be assured that I will neither leave you nor forsake you. I AM He who lay down His Life for you. Dear Ones, I know every path you will ever take and every choice you will ever make long before you make them.

It is the Father who draws you by His Spirit so that your pathways lead to Me. I call you by My Name because I AM the Way. I AM YHWH Tsidkenu: The LORD Your Righteousness. Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.

The Darkness may summon Death and clandestine followers to your Fold. But in Your Light, imposters are exposed for the wolves that they are and Death fleets as a shadow. Your Right Hand holds mine securely while Your Fire purifies my Soul. Your Blood testifies that I am blameless before You and defends me from my Accuser. Look how the Darkness trembles at Your Word: “Touch not my anointed, and do my prophets no harm!”

Beloved, when you run ahead of Me or forsake My Counsel, you may stumble. Still, I remain faithful. I wait for every opportunity to be gracious to you. My Hands contain healing, and the Power and Might to free you from every distress. Return to Me. My Voice and My Eyes will guide you to safety. Look to My Word to light your Path and remember to invite others to join us.

Lord, those who hate You also hate me. How offended they are at the Gifts and Anointing You have prepared for me! The Knowledge of the Holy One and the Fear of the Lord route my escape from their evil snares, while Your Truth frees my heart to worship You. When I ponder it, I feel overwhelmed by the matchless outpouring of Your Love and Generosity!

My Beloved, remember Me and partake of Me. Remain in Me and keep My Words in you. Believe in Me and see. Ask of Me and receive. Seek and find your destiny in Me. You will not be denied. Have Faith in God, do not doubt and what you speak shall happen. When you set your love upon Me, I will answer your call. When you keep My Commands, you shall remain in My Love, and I will manifest to you. When you hide yourself in Me, you shall be revealed by My Father.

Lord, without question, Your Goodness and Mercy are unending. Never will they cease towards me for as long as I live! For I dwell in Christ Jesus, my Shepherd, Who is preparing for me an Eternal Home with God.


Inspired by Psalm 23, Psalm 139, John 10, John 15, Isaiah 11, 53, and other Fold favorites.

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Multiplication, Leaven and the Passover

Flowers near sea of Galilee on a sunny spring day (

Green grass. It was a strange clue, but such is the parabolic language of the Holy Spirit. Last weekend, as I pondered and visualized the miraculous multiplication of bread and fish documented in Mark chapters 6 and 8, the Lord drew my attention to the grass. First the grass, then the groupings, and suddenly… a message behind the mystery!

Five Barley Loaves fed Five Thousand (Mark 6: 33-43, NKJV)

Picture the scene: A sunny grassy deserted place near the Sea of Galilee. Five barley loaves were blessed to feed 5,000. Since barley was usually harvested in March around the time of Passover it was the beginning of Spring. 

Then He [Jesus] commanded them to make them all sit down in groups on the green grass. So they sat down in ranks, in hundreds and in fifties (vs. 39-40).

Symbols and analysis: Green = life, growth, prosperity. Springtime= fruitfulness, growth. Bread (The loaves) = The Word. Five (5) = Grace. Twelve (12)= the divine Government of God, apostolic authority, the Kingdom of God. Fifty (50) = Jubilee, a celebration of liberty, releasing of debt and returning property to original owners. Together, these elements paint a perfect picture of Redemption. He makes me to lie down in green pastures (Psalm 23: 2). 

One Hundred = a generation (see Genesis 15: 13,16).  Generation can also refer to a collective group of people (Mark 8:12)

The 5,000 people sat in groups of 100s and 50s. Five Thousand (5,000)= 100 x 50 = the generation of the Redeemed.

The Word of Grace (5 loaves) and 2 fish fed 5,000 (the generation of the Redeemed), and 12 baskets remained (spiritual authority, the government of God).

Interpretation: “God’s Word of Grace brings Kingdom authority to the Redeemed!”

Seven Loaves Fed Four Thousand  (Mark 8: 1-9 NKJV)

Picture the scene:  A barren wilderness place. (No grass is mentioned. The people sat on the ground).

(Jesus said)“I have compassion on the multitude, because they have now continued with Me three days and have nothing to eat. And if I send them away hungry to their own houses, they will faint on the way; for some of them have come from afar.” Then His disciples answered Him, “How can one satisfy these people with bread here in the wilderness?” He asked them, “How many loaves do you have?” And they said, “Seven.” So He commanded the multitude to sit on the ground.” (vs. 2-6a).

The people stayed in the wilderness with Jesus for three days! Often a barren area or symbolic of a season of transition, the wilderness is a place where God makes provision for His people, as discussed in my previous post.

In Exodus 16:32 Moses said, referring to the manna that God fed to Israel in the wilderness, “This is the thing which the Lord has commanded: ‘Fill an omer with it, to be kept for your generations, that they may see the bread with which I fed you in the wilderness, when I brought you out of the land of Egypt.’ ”

Symbols and analysis: Three (3) = a perfect number, the perfect witness of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Seven (7) = covenant, perfection, completion. Forty (40) = the wilderness; a place of testing (to determine if we will continue with the Lord or quit) or a place of transition from bondage (Egypt) to the Promises of God.

Four Thousand (4000) = 40 x 100= the Wilderness Generation (those under covenant but not yet walking in the promise). 

God’s covenant word (7 loaves) and a few fish fed 4,000 (the wilderness generation) who tarried with the Lord, and 7 baskets (perfection/completion) remained. 

Interpretation:God’s Covenant Word brings perfection or completion (an end to the process) to those in the “wilderness” who continue with the Lord. 

A MESSAGE BEHIND THE MULTIPLICATION: These amazing miracles demonstrate the power of God’s Words. Whether we find ourselves in a fruitful place (grassy slopes) or in a barren wilderness waiting for the fulfillment of God’s promises for our lives, God’s Word will sustain, protect and perfect us, and bring an increase of spiritual authority.

The Mystery of Leaven

Now the disciples had forgotten to take bread, and they did not have more than one loaf with them in the boat. Then He (Jesus) charged them, saying, Take heed, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod.” And they reasoned among themselves, saying, “It is because we have no bread.” (Mark 8: 14-16)

Leaven is the hidden ingredient that makes the dough in bread, cakes and biscuits rise. In reminding His disciples about the multiplication of the loaves, Jesus was making it clear that He was speaking of a different kind of leaven: spiritual leaven (the Holy Spirit).

Jesus said in John 6:63 It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.

The kingdom of heaven is like leaven, which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal till it was all leavened.” (Matthew 13:33)

What was the “leaven of the Pharisees”? After Jesus had ministered to the people, the Pharisees came to fuss with Him at Dalmanutha insisting that He give them a sign to validate Himself. They presented themselves as experts on religious matters, promoted the “traditions of men”, yet failed to recognize the Son of God standing right in front of them. Jesus sighed. No sign would be given to “this generation” (their religious population) (Mark 7:1-13, 8:11-12).

The “leaven of the Pharisees” may very well have been a religious spirit. (II Timothy 3:5a having a form of godliness but denying its power.) This kind of spirit frequents churches and religious gatherings, hence its name. It does not quit challenging and testing, and can bring weariness. Jesus left Dalmanutha again because of the Pharisees!

What was “the leaven of Herod”? Herod is a title, not the name of one individual. We see in Mark chapter 6 that Herod had married his brother’s wife (not widow), an adulterous act under the Law. He idolized his niece (his step daughter), and killed John the Baptist to satisfy a prideful vow. The earlier King Herod had murdered all baby boys in Bethlehem aged two and younger because he was jealous of the newborn King. What a “killer” resumé!

Herod’s spirit appears to be a corrupt and idolatrous authority that works to destroy anyone it views as a threat with little consideration of the collateral damage. This kind of spirit operates through oppressive leaders or governments. 

WARNING! A Tag-Team of Evil: The religious spirit and Herod’s spirit opposed Jesus and later, His Disciples. Throughout Scripture, we see how this evil tag-team of governmental leaders and the religious elite work against God’s servants – John the Baptist, Jeremiah, Micaiah (1 Kings 22) , Daniel, Elijah, and many others. These two spirits continue even to this day to oppose the Holy Spirit and especially the Lord’s prophets!

Two fish or a few fish?

The fish also multiplied. Fish symbolize souls and evangelism, since Jesus introduced the concept of “fishers of men.”

By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established.” (2 Corinthians 13:1).

Jesus sent his Disciples out in teams of two (two fish) to proclaim the Kingdom, heal, cleanse, deliver from demons and resurrect the dead. Only two fish with five loaves were necessary to feed 5,000.

GRACE! GRACE! The Word of Grace will reach more people by the Spirit than by effort. Perhaps more evangelism (a few fish) is needed in the wilderness because of spiritual warfare (there live the wild beasts) (Isaiah 34:14, Mark 1:13). However, Jesus has demonstrated, through His own wilderness experience that we may overcome the schemes of Satan and his surrogates by declaring the Word of God! 

Unleavened Bread and the Blood

This is Passover week, and we remember how Israel ate unleavened bread in haste to prepare to leave Egypt (bondage).  They sprinkled blood from unblemished lambs on the lintels and doorposts of their homes.

That night, the Angel of Death passed over the homes of the children of Israel because it saw the blood. On the contrary, death struck the first born Egyptians because their homes were not protected by the blood.

We have passed from death to life and can be forgiven of our sins because of the One who is our Passover Lamb, Jesus Christ. In fact, the Apostle Paul reminds us that unleavened bread is a symbol of our separation from sin.

Do you not know that a little leaven leavens the whole lump? Therefore purge out the old leaven, that you may be a new lump, since you truly are unleavened. For indeed Christ, our Passover, was sacrificed for us. (1 Cor 5: 6b- 7)

CLEANSED AND DELIVERED BY THE BLOOD: As we think about the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God whose Blood was shed for the sins of the whole world, we are thankful for His suffering, death and intercession for us. Perhaps there is no better time than the present to ask the Lord to rid us from any “old” leaven: any worldly spirit or even “traditions of men” that oppose the Holy Spirit!

Dear friends, thanks for joining me on this journey of discovery. Have a Blessed Pesach and Easter weekend!

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Signs that Make Room For Him

Images from Scriptures from NKJV.

I asked the Lord, “What would you like for your Birthday?” Ultimately, Christmas is His gift to all the earth.

In the moments that passed, I thought about things that please Him: The gospel is preached and souls are saved. We willingly obey His commandments to love God with all our hearts and to love our neighbors as ourselves. We fight the good fight of faith against doubt, and wholly believe Him.

“Make room for Me.” His quiet response made me pause.

It was not what I expected to hear, but He is so honest, and we are often… presumptuous?

Mankind had been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Messiah for hundreds of years and when He arrived, they neither recognized nor made room for Him at the inn!

His words still provoke thought. How much do we allow Him to participate in the wonderful ways we serve Him? Is He allowed to voice His wishes when we gather in His Name? Is there room for His priorities in our bless me, give me, fix me, bless them, fix them prayers?

Through Scripture, His still small voice, insightful conversations and dreams, there are many ways He finds room in our lives. Sometimes, He uses signs… and they are not always celestial.

Following is an excerpt from the Introduction of Parables, Dreams & Encounters1 discussing some “signs” observed during the First Christmas (the Nativity):

What began as any ordinary night long ago easily became one of the most frightening for a group of shepherds watching their flock. They should have fainted when an angel clothed in light appeared right in front of them, but there is no such account. The celestial visitor cheerfully announced that a Savior was born that day in the City of David!

He added, “And this will be the sign to you: You will find a babe wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger” (Luke 2:12).

The vision grew even more spectacular: “Suddenly, there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying: ‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!’” (Luke 2:13-15).

When the angels went away up into the heavens, the curious shepherds hastened to Bethlehem. No random, insignificant event would cause shepherds to walk off their jobs (leaving their valuable sheep alone). They were driven by curiosity to see, for themselves, this baby “lying in a manger.”

Over in Bethlehem, Mary’s baby was born with perfect timing. She had believed the prophetic word given to her by Gabriel, the angel. God had chosen her. From a virgin and “low estate…handmaiden” to the mother of the Son of God and future King of her people (Luke 1:48).

It was wonderful to be honored in this way, but her life was immediately endangered. She had not considered the penalty for an out-of-wedlock pregnancy: death by stoning!

Even her betrothed, Joseph, did not buy her story. But God intervened. He assured Joseph, through a dream, the baby was truly God’s doing.

Things still did not go as Mary expected. First, she and Joseph had to make an arduous journey of 80 miles (129 kilometers) from Nazareth to Bethlehem for a census. When they arrived in Bethlehem, exhausted and aching, there was nowhere to stay except a stable!

Mary trusted God and did not complain, but she had to wonder, How could the King and Savior of Israel have a manger for a crib?

Just then, some agitated shepherds arrived, delivering the most fascinating breaking eyewitness news anyone had heard in hundreds of years! They became overnight sensations (bona fide evangelists) as they excitedly shared their story with everyone.

When they mentioned the “sign” they sought was a baby “lying in a manger,” I can only imagine how Mary’s eyes widened and her face lit up and reassurance soundlessly flooded her being.

The stable was not an unforeseen inconvenience, after all; God was in full control! Luke 2:19 states, “But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.”

God places “signs” to let us know that He cares about the things that concern us, if we take notice!

After Jesus was born, the family made the six-mile (9.6-kilometer) journey to Jerusalem twice. First for Jesus’ circumcision at eight days of age, and the second after Mary’s 40-day purification. According to the Law, “Every male who opens the womb shall be called holy to the Lord” (Luke 2:23).

As they gave their sacrificial offering (two turtledoves or two pigeons) to redeem their firstborn son, they were unaware of other unfolding events.

God told an elder named Simeon he would not die until he saw the Christ. Despite the heavy foot traffic at the Temple, by coincidence, Simeon arrived there at the very same time as Mary and Joseph. As soon as he laid eyes on the baby, he just knew “by the Spirit,” this was the Christ. Joseph and Mary “marveled” at the blessing Simeon spoke (v. 33).

Just a short time later, Anna, the prophetess also “found” baby Jesus. “She gave thanks to the Lord and spoke of Him to all those who looked for redemption in Jerusalem” (vs. 38).

God does not always tell us when to expect “signs.” He sends them periodically to remind us of His promises and to assure us we are in the right place at the right time! (end of excerpt) ©

1Robinson, J. (2019). Parables, dreams & encounters: Understanding God’s language and symbols for your discernment, deliverance and destiny. Author.

This has certainly been an eventful year for many people. As a healthcare professional, I have encountered many families directly or indirectly affected by the coronavirus – loss of life, loss of livelihood, grief and sorrow, and I keep them in my prayers. On the other hand, there have been wonderful testimonies of thankfulness, perseverance and even unexpected blessings!

Whatever season you find yourself in (and seasons eventually change no matter how long they last), be assured that God has a firm hold on you and nothing escapes His watchful eyes. God is with you! Emmanuel. Hope comes when we recognize God’s supernatural signs and “coincidences” and know He is always in control.

This Christmas and beyond, let us purposefully make room for Him in our hearts and homes. Isn’t that what He is doing for us?

In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also. (John 14:2-3)

I pray that you enjoy and be exceedingly blessed this Christmas!

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Hindsight is 2020: When D comes before C

Tower from alphabet baby building blocks (

It was a very strange exam. The question was verbal. I listened then wrote the answer in a short paragraph. Later, my instructor handed me my graded paper. I scanned her lengthy red-inked critique without reading any of it and focused on the large handwritten “C2.” A second C grade for the semester?! My heart sank. When I awakened, I could not remember the question, my answer or the critique; only the big red C2.

This dream was seen several years ago, but I remember it well. After some time, I learned that C2 was not a rating of my performance as a student. The Holy Spirit (the instructor in the dream), in His parabolic style of speaking, was instructing me to “see more.” (2 in this context means multiplication).

It’s often said that “Seeing is believing!” But Jesus says we are blessed if we believe before we see (John 20:29). This requires faith.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. We walk by faith, not by [natural] sight. Faith is the substance [assurance] of things hoped for, the evidence [certainty] of things not seen. (Romans 10: 17, 2 Corinthians 5:7, Hebrews 11:1, NKJV). Square brackets added for clarity.

To “see more” in the Kingdom of God means to exercise more faith, and faith increases when we “hear” God’s Words. If what we “see” is based on what we “hear” we will want to be sure that we are hearing correctly. Faith will not come to us by listening to the mainstream media or op-eds, which neither reflect the mind of God nor His plans. (God has revealed that at some time in the future, parts of the media will be reshaped to support His agenda; others will become defunct). No one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God (1 Corinthians 2:11b), and we also have His Word.

2020 was prophesied to be a year of clarity and vision (20/20). But in the natural, it’s been difficult to understand. From the tragic losses associated with COVID19, to the devastating wildfires on the West Coast, to the repetitive battering of hurricanes, to the rioting and arson in the streets, or other unexpected challenges; people have complained that this has been quite an extraordinary year.

When we look beyond the natural and what we hear in the news, what does faith “see”? Everything God said this year would be, will be. Faith tells us that God’s promises always supersede whatever difficulties we may experience or see.

A few hours ago, I heard: Hindsight is 20/20 (2020). I think this means that we will look back and “see” (understand) things we did not before.

Holy Spirit also brought to mind another riddle He spoke some years ago, “When D comes before C.” This is an example of God’s dark speech (dark in this context means hidden) Numbers 12:8.

In the English language C is a homonym for “see.” Some Ds that may come before we “see” or understand are: difficulties, delay, disappointment, discouragement, darkness, defeat, distress, denial, disillusionment, destruction, dissatisfaction, depression and the dictionary lists so many more. (Sorry D, such a bum rap! But, you do have destiny and deliverance).

Some Cs that follow Ds are: Contentment, courage, compassion, calling, covenant, commission, creativity, commitment, counsel, conviction, and correction (yes, correction is a very good thing).

Then the Lord reminded me about another dream riddle “Joshua in D.” It was a colorful and exciting dream with dancing cheerleaders on roller skates, wearing jersey tops and short skirts. The front of each jersey displayed a single upper case letter.

The cheerleaders assembled and disassembled to spell words. They spelled out the phrase: “JOSHUA IN D”.

This riddle was not like guessing Rumpelstiltskin’s name, but I had to draw on several clues and other dreams to figure out the Lord meant Joshua’s commissioning in Deuteronomy 31:7. Joshua faced real giants and the message of the dream was similar. Be strong and courageous and take the land, regardless of what Ds you encounter! (The full dream is decoded in my book).

Are you experiencing a test in the midst of Ds? Hang in there! When the 20/20 hindsight manifests, the exam will be past and passed. In the meantime, we are to:

(1) Listen to God (not naysayers) and
(2) Do what he tells us to with all our might.

Ds create unprecedented opportunities for God to do amazing things. Joshua defeated the invincible walled city of his day, Jericho. Isaac obeyed God’s instructions to farm in the midst of a famine, and silenced his enemies and critics when his crops yielded a 100-fold increase! (Joshua 5, 6, and Genesis 26:12)

How I love when King David testified of God’s faithfulness through the difficult days. He said:

I would have lost heart, unless I had believed
That I would see the goodness of the Lord
In the land of the living.
Wait on the Lord;
Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart;
Wait, I say, on the Lord! (Psalm 27: 13-14, NKJV)

How things look to you in the new year will depend on your perspective. Going from 20/20 to 20/25 to 20/30 usually means worsening vision. (The top number is what you can see at 20 feet, and the bottom number means that others can see the same thing from 25 or 30 feet away). But in God’s Kingdom, vision grows sharper and brighter for those who place their trust in God and His Word. We walk by faith even when things look good. As the calendar flips to 2021 and beyond, let’s remember that God acts independently of circumstances and He always keeps His Word.

When D comes first, take heart dear friends, that C will surely follow! Amen.

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Leap Day Countdown

Happy Birthday to all young Leapers! Tots, Teens or Twenties. Our $1.99 eBook Countdown to Leap Day Offer ends February 29 (March 1st in some time zones). Parables, Dreams & Encounters. See below.

Each Leap Day I find myself doing a quick mental calculation of the number of “days” I have lived in Florida, (it will be 8 as of this weekend) since February 29 comes only once every four years. (Sort of like mentally calculating dog years).

If you were born on February 29, it’s probably inconvenient to have to wait to celebrate your true birthdate every 4 years. Just imagine living in Sweden in 1753, going to bed on February 17 and waking up to March 1. That’s right, eleven days older! Sweden’s final attempt to migrate from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, that year required them to close a time gap. According to Sweden had a February 30 in the year 1712 because an earlier attempt to convert to the Gregorian calendar had failed and two leap days had to be added to their out of sync Julian calendar! (I wonder, what happened to all those February 30 birthdays?)

Many historical calendars were based on lunar (moon or months) cycles, with variations in the number of  months and the number of days in each month. Leap Day was a product of the Julian calendar (named after Julius Cesar in 45 BC) to “fix” the problem of losing too many days from the solar cycle and falling out of sync with the seasons, but it was still “off” by a few minutes. Then, introduced by Pope Gregory in the 16th century, the Gregorian calendar is more accurate but not 100% perfect. These days, much of the world, except for a handful of Asian or Middle Eastern countries, have adopted the use of the Gregorian calendar.

One interesting piece of trivia associated with February 29 concerns explorer Christopher Columbus and his crew. Their food supply had been mercilessly cut off by disgruntled Jamaican natives who got tired of serving them. A crafty Columbus used an almanac to predict a lunar eclipse the night of February 29, 1504 and scared the Indians into thinking God was angry with them. It worked. The food was promptly restored! 

When God releases His Word by His own mouth or through one of His servants, unexpected things can happen in the celestial space.  For example, Joshua commanded the sun and moon to stand still (Joshua 10:10-15) so he could win a battle. Then hundreds of years later, when King Hezekiah needed to be assured that he would be healed from a deadly disease, he asked God to make the sun (shadow) reverse 10 steps and it did (2 Kings 20: 1-11). Jesus commanded a storm to be at peace and immediately the weather calmed (Mark 4: 36-41). Yes, God holds all things together by the Word of his supernatural Power (Hebrews1:3).

To celebrate all things supernatural, we are counting down the clock to Leap Day with a deep discount on Parables, Dreams & Encounters. If you’ve read it, why not share it with someone else? Again, Happy Birthday to all young Leapers!

eBook sale through Feb 29
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Stepping Stones to Destiny

You number my steps (Job 14:16)

Step Stones (source: Deposit Photos)
A background image with some nice step stones at the bottom

Have you ever asked yourself, What are God’s Plans for me? Will I fulfill my destiny?

We have a heavenly Father who loves us so much that He gave great consideration to how He created each of us. We were created in our Father’s heart to be revealed in this earth at the time of His choosing. He even decided when and where we should live.

And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings ” (Acts 17:26).

Our very wise God does not reveal everything He wants us to know about our lives all at once, and for good reason. We can see this illustrated in the life of Jesus.

What Jesus came to fulfill was “written” about His life long before He was born as a baby in Bethlehem. One such prophesy is found in Psalm 40: 7 which states:

“Behold, I come;
In the scroll of the book it is written of me.
I delight to do Your will, O my God,
And Your law is within my heart.”

We also know that by the tender age of 12, Jesus was already aware that He was called to God’s service. “Why did you seek me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?” He asked His very puzzled parents who had just spent three days looking for him! (Luke 2:49)

Yet, as the time approached for Jesus to go to the cross to bear the punishment for the sins of all mankind, He grew quite sorowful (Matthew 26:37-38). He was pre-destined for great suffering, but clearly that knowledge would have been too weighty for a 12 year-old. Jesus’ destiny was revealed to Him step by step by the Holy Spirit.

Likewise, there are details about our lives written on “scrolls” of destiny that unfold with purpose and accuracy and timing. We soon recognize that there are things we were passionate about yesterday that we have little interest in today. How our lives end may look quite different from how we began our journey because our yesterday was a stepping stone for today, just as our today will help us to transition to tomorrow.

Another example is seen in the life of Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus. He was a carpenter, and most likely the son of a carpenter (because sons usually assumed their fathers’ trades), but Joseph could not have guessed that his greatest assignment would be to protect the Christ child! God unfolded Joseph’s destiny to him through dreams and visions, one step at a time.

Some people feel confident about their steps because they have learned obedience and self-discipline and have enjoyed great success. While others may harbor regrets about some of their choices and decisions. Look no further than Moses who committed murder at age 40 in Egypt, and ran away to hide in the desert. He was pretty sure he had blown things. Still, God had chosen him to lead the nation of Israel out of Egypt. At the age of 80, an older and wiser Moses was beyond surprised to learn that he was still the man selected for the job!

King David, beloved by God as a man after God’s own heart, committed some serious missteps that could surely have disqualified him from his destiny. But, David was quick to ask God’s forgiveness, and doing this set him back on track. Turning back to God (repentance) and seeking His forgiveness each time we veer off-track is a crucial step to ensure we arrive at our destinies.

Be encouraged, dear friend that nothing you have walked through has been a waste of time or without meaning. Chances are you are much wiser today than you were yesterday from the things you have experienced or learned. The Bible states that he or she who has been forgiven much, loves so much more deeply. In fact, there is an ever flowing fountain of gratitude from the heart that has sought forgiveness from God, the same God who willingly gave the life of His Son to pay the price for our forgiveness.

When our destiny seems delayed it does not mean it has been denied. Let us turn to our Father in heaven who has already calculated every step and misstep we will ever take. Psalm 121 assures us of this. “He will not allow your foot to be moved.” God watches over our lives as much as He watches over His Word…every step of the way!